Morning Desert Safari- Dune Bashing- Camel Ride-Sand Boarding-Camping With Refreshment At Dubai




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Morning Desert Safari Dubai 

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Who doesn’t long for a weekend getaway? To step outside and to find yourself in the bright brown deserts of the stunning city of Dubai, To bring out that exotic adventurous Arabian in you, resembling the characters you once read in those folktales and Arabian Nights?

Wåe all do. All it takes is that 1ststep, a drive to wander and see the greatest modern empire built on sand under the blazing sun. And to make haste that leap, you need a perfect destination that realizes the flights of your imagination. That is what we promise in this package.

Early Morning Desert Safari:

If you hear someone say that an Early Morning Desert Safari is one of the best ways to start your day, he or she wouldn’t be exaggerating a bit. A morning desert safari ride lets you witness the transformation of wide dewy deserts of the night into hot smoldering sand dunes of the day under the magnificent heat of the sun.

Tour in detail

The entire system has been arranged in the heart of Dubai where each guest will be treated like royalty assuring them the time of their lives.

We will start off the day with our reps picking you up from the hotel you are staying in Dubai. As you drive away you will leave the urban city side of the Middle East to the desert areas where the heart of Arabic culture truly lies. The whole package was designed in such a way that you get to feel the warmth of Dubai’s serene dawn and experience the rush of adrenaline while taking part in sand sport and other leisure activities. Once you reach the place where our fun activities of taking place, you will be watching the risen sun spreading effervescence all over the wide orange desert.  An exciting ride through the sand dunes in a Land Cruised accompanied by your guide is the first sporting activity of the day.

Dune Bashing is a highly thrilling sport that will leave you awestruck and euphoric. We will get you on a land cruiser specially suited for ‘bashing dunes’ and you will be assisted by a guide who will take pictures of you having the time of your life bashing towering dunes creating ‘mini sandstorms’ by spraying streaks of sand all around you.

After the dune bashing fun that took you to the tip of cloud nine, we’ll proceed to the next activity. Sand Boarding is similar to the way snowboarding is performed. Just like every other sand sporting event conducted by us, a guide will be assisting you and proper instructions will be given regarding the movement and control of the body. After all the laborious fun you had, you will be relaxed once  Photo Shoot with Falcon- this is one of the must-dos for people visiting the Middle East. Falcon is a large bird that has a strong connection with the native Arabian Nomadic lifestyle. You will be given an opportunity to grow close and pose with these sweethearts. They deserve a pivotal role in the cultural development and tradition of the Middle East.

Once you are done with your photo session, you will be introduced to the beauties who can take pride in playing a great role in desert transportation. Camels are the majestic and extremely friendly animals that have been successfully helping people transport over the measureless deserts of Middle Eastern Countries.  They are completely harmless and lovable creatures. One should not fear and try to get close to these beauties of the deserts. You will be assisted by a guide to help you with the hoping on and off the camel’s back.

After the ride, you will be given refreshments and drink including Arabic sweets, coffee and dry fruits.


  • Pick and drop from/to destinations
  • Comfortable and deluxe land cruiser
  • Efficient Safari Drivers
  • Dune bashing in Lehbab desert
  • Sand boarding
  • Camel Ride
  • Refreshment during transportation
  • Arabic exotic attire
  • Refreshments (Arabic coffee and authentic sweets, dates)
  • Meals
  • Tipping
  • Quad bikes optional

Tour Plan

  • We have pickup facilities at hotels in Sharjah, Dubai and Ajman.
  • Avoid carrying valuable things like jewelry, expensive watches, etc.,
  • Requesting you not to eat 2 or 3 hours before while going for desert safari.
  • According to UAE law pregnant women, heart patients, or any other physical issue people and infants under 2 years will not be allowed to do dune bashing or any such activities in the desert.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, belly dance is restricted, but shows are available.
  • It`s advisable to wear a maximum of 2 layers of clothing during summer in the desert activities.
  • Pack necessary items such as scarves, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, hat, etc., to resist sunburns
  • Follow every instruction given by the guides.
  • Take care of your belongings, management will not responsible for anything loss.

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