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Become a Supplier

What kind of local operators/suppliers we are looking for

Noor Al Hayat is always looking for a local suppliers/operators who are reputable and providing the best rates, availability and the highest quality of services We look for local suppliers/operators who have a wide experience and strong operation 24/7, customer support 24/7, fast and quick replies and multilingual fluency team. We review their service with a local visitors and their customer reviews too if they are listed on any reputable online platform In most cases our tour manager tests the tours and activities himself. And in all cases, the local operators have to go through a hard screening process. We continually review the feedback of local operators, and any supplier/operator whose product or services fail to meet our standards are out of our list.

Need to Apply

Noor Al Hayat looks for local suppliers / operators who can provide any of Daily Tours, shore excursions, Stopover tours, Handicap tours, transfers, clean and luxury vehicle, tour guides, Tour packages, Visa services, MICE services, best hotel availability, promo offers, business packages and medical packages. We only unlock those destinations where we have Local suppliers/Operators. In your case you are very lucky, as you are obviously the first local operator in that destination on Noor Al Hayat If you are one of those above please Apply now and we will review your request and will reply if our operation is interested in expanding our offering in your destination.

Noor Al Hayat

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